Monday, 7 September 2015


Dieting slows down your normal body metabolism, so you can survive on very little food. When the body starts getting little food, it lowers metabolism and begins to store fat so it can survive on it.  When you eventually start eating normally, lowered metabolism and the sudden increase in food will take you back to where you are coming from, and it may be worse.

Dieting will lead to weight loss no doubt but it will also lead to loss of body tissue, making you look really flabby. A healthy body should look tight and firm.

Lowered metabolism leads to a sluggish digestive system and will start functioning poorly. Due to the fact that the body is trying to retain all it can, elimination of waste and toxin in the digestive tract is lowered. This will wreak havoc on your digestive system and body in general.

Dieting prevents you from getting the recommended vitamins and minerals a healthy body needs to function. And when it is not getting enough, a lot will go wrong. Dieting leads to weakness, lack of co-ordination, dizziness, thinning of the hair, loss of muscle tissue and strength, slowed heart rate. I can go on and on.

The body needs the energy from food. When dieting, you won’t be able to get enough fuel to power your body and mind through your busy and hectic day.

Dieting directly affects your mind. People on diet have a lessened mental energy, little or no ability to concentrate, express anger and frustration and have reduced reaction time. Dieting is also linked to increased rate of depression.

So instead of dieting, why don’t you get better awareness on nutrition and a healthy lifestyle in general which obviously involves exercising. You will be happier, healthier, beautiful and still achieve your weight loss goals.


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