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Starting work out without a workout plan is like a jjc in Borno, driving without a map; You will definitely get somewhere but the place you arrive may not have anything to do with the place you actually wanted to be.
To build muscle, you need a solid workout plan. A workout plan gives you a sense of direction and also makes things a whole easier .  Instead of your head bouncing about on what activities to do; a solid workout plan shows you what to do, when to do it and how to do it. This way, you know where you were then, where you are now and where you want to be. Simple!

A solid workout plan also eliminates the ‘I will do it tomorrow syndrome’ .
So talk to a fitness coach today about a workout plan that will suite your needs and start that journey today.

  If you are not getting enough calories, you won’t get bigger. If you not getting  bigger, you definitely aren’t getting enough calories.
To build muscle mass, you have to be taking in more than you consume and also concentrate on food/diet that will help you become bigger and fuller. So if you are the tea/coffee in the morning, sausage rolls in the afternoon and noodles at night person, oga/madam, Just negodu!

After getting a suitable workout plan, the next most important thing is to concentrate what you eat.
If you begin workout without appropriate muscle building diet, at beginners stage you will see some progress. but after a very short while, Your  tiny muscles would have reached its limits and your body would have adapted to stimuli.  Your progress will diminish if you aren’t fueling it with the much needed calories. so; taking nutrient rich food is very important.
A more concise article on diets that can help you build muscles will soon be out, or you can follow us on email and get food plan that will suite you.



This is a common mistake made by people that want to build and even people that want to lose weight. People have totally unrealistic expectations when it comes to shaping their body the way they want. Thanks to marketing that tells you ‘ lose 30 pounds in 30 days’ or 'Gain 30 pounds in 7days’ shuuuuuu!    If you a marketer and you are reading this, please fear God.

These ads are only to sell their drugs or products. The only way anyone will lose 30 pounds in a day is only if you put yourself in a big pot of oil and deep fry the fat. Getting the shape you desire  is not a short time goal it is a lifestyle.  After achieving your fitness goals, would you then go back to your former lifestyle and lose all what you’ve gained?. Think about it!
Whether you want to build or lose weight, whatever your fitness goals are. Always remember it is not a short time goal and you wont get the results you desire in days or weeks, even the shape you are trying to get rid of, you did not get it within days or weeks neither. fitness is a lifestyle.

Sleep is an integral part of building muscles. If your focus is getting bigger and stronger then you have to respect your sleep hours. After a workout, there are micro wears and tears of the muscle. Sleep helps your body rebuild and recover.

Lets go deeper
Your sleep is divided into non-REM and REM phases. High levels of HGH (human growth hormone) are secreted during the non-REM phase. HGH (human growth hormone) is an anabolic agent that promotes muscle recovery and muscle growth among other things.
During your non-REM, your blood pressure drops and your breathing becomes deeper and slower. With your brain taking a much needed rest from your daily preoccupations, therefore more  blood is available to flow for your muscles.

Increased nutrient-rich blood (if you have a good diet plan) combined with high levels of growth hormone flow into your muscles, this will drastically improve your ability to gain muscle mass. A lot of people boast about how they don’t sleep much, I think that is dumb and a very bad habit.
Like I said, fitness is a lifestyle. Give the body what it needs, it will give you what you want.



If you spend more time reading about drugs that will help you build than working out, then there is a big problem. The biggest mistake skinny guys make is relying heavily on drugs. It is a great thing to build and look good either as a woman or man and having the desire to do so is a plus. But pimping your cabinet with all the latest magic drugs won’t help if you are not working out.

So if you want bigger quads or bigger trapezium, your magic drug doesn’t know this, it doesn’t know the shape and size you want. To achieve the desired shape and size you want, you have to work out. Heavy reliance on drugs is not a healthy thing to do, you might get results that may make things worse because drugs are unpredictable. do not empty your wallet on magic drugs, remember no drug will solely do it for you. Get a workout plan!




Stress is going to make building muscle really very difficult. When your body is in a highly stressed state, it keeps secreting a hormone known as cortisol throughout the body.
The job of cortisol is to break tissues down for energy (it comes from the ‘flight or fight’ response). If you’ve got cortisol flowing through your veins breaking down tissues, it is very hard to start building tissues up (which is the goal of muscle building).

If you’re a high stress person, you may want to do something to deal with that first. you can try Deep breathing, writing a journal, chasing your mother-in-law back to the village, breaking up with your worrisome boyfriend/girlfriend or relocating from Lagos (the traffic and noise level can kill) removing some of these stressors will be a good start.


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